Reception of PhD students and invited researchers

Reception of PhD students and invited researchers

Reception of Mr. Jean-Baptiste MEYER, Research Director at the LPED / IRD for a scientific mission lasting three (03) months. The objective of the scientific stay will include activities: research, training, promotion, joint writing of scientific articles as well as the programming of a workshop on: “the organization of teaching and research”. Also, the animation of a seminar of methodological support to the doctoral formation.
Duration: from 25/10 to 24/12/2018

Intern: Felix APPLER Diploma prepared: M. Sc. Economics Subject of the internship: “The influence of the discouraged unemployed on the labor market in Algeria”  Co-supervision: Prof. Hans Martin von Gaudecker (University of Bonn) Moundir Lassassi, Research Master A (CREAD)
Duration: 02 months full-time with possibility of extension from 31 July 2017

As part of the multilateral project: “Dialogue and Assymetries: Debating Development, Memory and Migration” funded by DAAD (The German Academic Exchange Service) Trainees welcome (7 trainees per country) Berlin (February 13-14, 2017) Algiers (May 2017) Berlin (September and early October 2017)

Intern: Julie LEMOUX, PhD student in sociology
Framed by: Pr. Véronique PETIT, University of Poitiers. Cread Framed by: Pr. Hocine Labdelaoui, Research Associate at Cread Intern in the Human Development and Social Economy Division (CREAD)
Duration: from 02/09/17 to 16/10/17

 Reception of Miss Goni Lee in the Research Division Human Development and Social Economy. The title of the PhD subject is “Policy Transfer in Development Cooperation: The Case of South Korea’s Knowledge Sharing Program in Algeria”. The PhD student will meet the researchers and experts who work in the Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) between Algeria and South Korea and her internship is supervised by Dr. Walid Merouani, Research Master “A” at Cread.
Duration: from 25/11/2017 to 19/01/2018