Human Development and Social Economics department

Presentation of the department

The purpose of the Human Development and Social Economics department is to study in depth the national health systems and training education, their construction, their evolution, their functioning, their effectiveness, their ability to reform and to major challenges facing them in terms of preserving the principle of equity, rationalizing public spending on education and health combined with the search for new sources of non-public funding, the fight against wastage and mobilization expatriate skills, preservation of pedagogical, scientific, technical and technological levels, orientation of education, training and health systems towards increasing national absorptive capacity and technological innovation.
On the other hand, the functioning of the labor market remains poorly understood in order to be able to shed light on public employment policy. This is an important area from the point of view of national development. especially with regard to the fight against poverty. The department tries through its research work to better define this area. The usual fields of the social economy are health, education, social protection, housing. The economy of the non-profit sector (which includes cooperatives, mutual societies and associations that produce goods and services), poverty and exclusion, inequality, the economy of culture olr even the labor market will not be absent from the themes studied by the department.

Lines of research

The department’s themes cover various topics (education, health, labor market, urban planning, international migration, demographic transition, value systems and economic behavior). The size of the teams and the status of the members are very inconstant. The main areas of the department’s research are:

  • Labor economics
  • Socio-economics and education policies;
  • Socio-economics of health and social protection;
  • International Mobilities;
  • Value systems and economic behavior;
  • Demographic transition;
  • Urban systems;
  • The housing economy.

Research teams

Team 1 : Économie du travail et de la protection sociale.

Team 2 : Dynamiques urbaines.

Team 3 : Migration et mobilités internationales.

Team 4 : Études de Population.