CREAD's presentation

CREAD in short

CREAD is the Algerian public research institution in applied economics for development.


The CREAD (Research Center for Applied Economics for Development) has been a public scientific and technological institution (EPST) since 2003 (Executive Decree No. 03-455 of 1 December 2003 amending and supplementing Decree No. 85-307 of 17 December 1985 establishing the Center for Research in Applied Economics for Development), under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS) and intersectoral.


CREAD was created in December 1985 (Decree No. 85-307 of December, 17th 1985 on the establishment of the Center for Research in Applied Economics for Development). CREAD’s headquarters were previously located at Ben Aknoun, Rachid Khalef Road (Algiers), and in 1989, the CREAD moved to a new headquarters (current headquarters) located inside- the walls of Algiers University. in Bouzaréah, Djamel Eddine El Afghani Street (Algiers).
The CREAD inherited the scientific heritage and the human and material resources of the former CREA 1976-1985 (Center for Research in Applied Economics) whose headquarters were in Ben Aknoun. Among these legacies is mainly the magazine “Les Cahiers du Crea” (founded in March 1984), which became “the Cahiers du CREAD” from the year 1986. “The Cahiers du CREAD” is a journal of economics and socio-economics quarterly periodicity. It is considered as a reference journal by many national bodies for evaluation and promotion of teacher-researchers and researchers in economics and socio-economics (CUN, CNEC…).
Since its creation, several directors have succeeded at the head of the institution: Pr. Slimane BEDRANI, Pr. Ahmed SOUAMES, the late Pr Djilali LIABES (appointed June 18, 1991 Minister of Universities in the Government of Sid Ahmed Ghozali then, in February 1992, he took the portfolio of Universities and Scientific Research), Pr. Abdelwahab REZIG, the late Pr. Youssef DJEBARI, Pr. Mohamed Yacine FERFERA, Dr. Yacine BELARBI, Dr Moundir LASSASSI and since 2023 Pr. Ahmed ZEKANE.


Since CREAD’s inception, its research activities have focused on development economics, the social and labor economy, the economics of education, the economics of natural resources and the environment, and the economy of the center and its organization, the agro-economy and the rural economy, the international economy and foreign trade, etc. All these research concerns have always been themes that CREAD researchers have been working on through research projects and expertise studies.
CREAD designs and conducts research projects with socio-economic partners and national and international scientific institutions. It designs and conducts occasional surveys of samples of populations, institutions and professionals in the economy, to collect data and statistical information on all economic and socio-economic phenomena. Partnership agreements and conventions also allow it to exploit panel survey data oir samples made by other national and international public oir private bodies.
CREAD performs studies and research on behalf of institutions, public oir private, national oir foreign based on internal and external expertise. These studies exploit various themes and issues relating to various economic and socio-economic structures.


The missions devolved to CREAD, defined in the decree of creation in 1985, are directly related to its field of competence which is the economy and the social economy of development.

  • Conduct theoretical and applied research on economic development;
  • Study the economic and social conditions needed to strengthen intersectoral integration, technological creation and mastery, and effective macro and microeconomic management;
  • Conduct research in labor economics, education, training, health and housing;
  • Study monetary and financial management systems at national and international level.

In addition to these missions mentioned above, the center is called upon to carry out the tasks set out in Article 5 of Executive Decree No 99-256 of 16 November 1999, inter alia:

  • Ensure a scientific and technological watch related to his subject;
  • Gather and process scientific and technical information and ensure conversation and dissemination;
  • Contribute to the valorization of the results of the scientific research by ensuring in particular their diffusion, their exploitation and their use;
  • Provide continuing education, retraining and development of research personnel;
  • Contribute to training by and for research;
  • Coordinate, monitor and evaluate units, laboratories and research teams.

In addition to its missions, CREAD is responsible for carrying out scientific research and technological development programs in the field of development economics.
Executive Decree No. 11-396 of 24 November 2011 setting the standard status of public institutions of a scientific and technological nature has added another mission that responds to recent developments in the field of scientific research. The purpose is to gather the necessary elements for the identification of the research projects to be undertaken as well as the data enabling their programming, their execution and their evaluation.

CREAD in numbers

  • 04 Divisions of research;
  • 22 research teams;
  • 03 Research Units (in the process of being created);
  • 78 Researchers and 22 Research Support Engineers, as of December 2017.
GradeAvant le recrutementRecrutement 2017Total
Directeur de Recherche505
Maitre de Recherche classe A808
Maitre de Recherche classe B7815
Chargé de Recherche202
Attaché de Recherche321749
Chargé d'étude101
Ingénieur d'état de Soutien a la Recherche41822