CREAD’s organization

CREAD is responsible for carrying out the scientific research and technological development programs set out in its creation decree. It is headed by a director, managed by a board of directors and with a scientific council, four research divisions, three technical departments and three administrative departments.

The Director is responsible for the management of the establishment and is responsible for its proper functioning

The Board of Directors deliberates on all matters relating to the operation of the institution, in particular on: the research programs submitted to it after consulting the scientific council; the financial management of the past financial year; the estimates of revenue and expenditure and the annual activity report. The Board of Directors deliberates on the financial account of the institution and examines the accounts of each of its subsidiaries as well as the consolidated situation of the institution and structures attached to it.

The Scientific Council is chaired by a permanent researcher elected by the members of the scientific council from among the elected permanent researchers, of the highest rank. The scientific council decides on the organization and the progress of the scientific and technological activities of the establishment; research programs and projects to be submitted to the board of directors for the organization of research work; the creation and elimination of research teams, research divisions, associated research laboratories and sectoral oir intersectoral research units, experimental stations and joint workshops and services, and training programs for research staff; the recruitment of research staff.
The Director is assisted by a Deputy Director and a Secretary General

The Deputy Director assists the Director in scientific activities and technological development, and coordinates the activities of the technical departments organized in service. CREAD comprises three technical departments: The department of external relations and the valorization of the results of the research; Department of Economic and Socio-Economic Statistics; The department supporting scientific activities in economics and applied socio-economics.

The General  Secretary coordinates the activity of the administrative services organized into three departments: The Personnel and Training Department; Budget and Accounting Service; The General Resources Service.

CREAD’s organizational chart