Atelier de démarrage du projet Valueteam (Arimnet 2)

Le 02/05/2019, Hôtel les capucines, Alger


Project summary

The main objective of this research project is to explore ways of improving the creation of value in the dates supply chains in three countries of the southern Mediterranean (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia) and one Northern country (France). The key components of the project fit together around the analysis of constraints and opportunities of the market organization at national and international level and agricultural policies in each country. Indeed, the project aims to identify and evaluate, from an analysis of the interactions between the public and private strategies and modes of professional organizations, the effectiveness of value creation dynamics for a local Mediterranean products: dates. To reach this goal, the project starts from the idea that the behavior of local value chains stakeholders are strategic responses to government actions, We will analyze these complex interactions, identifying their effects on the formation of prices in domestic markets and access to domestic and international markets through two research work packages: ii) Market opportunities and supply chain organization for local agri-food products in domestic markets, ii) International food Supply-chains: structure, strategies and value sharing, and Consumer perceptions, expectations and attitudes towards local products. Moreover, an additional WP is devoted to the coordination of research and dissemination of results. VALUETEAM will address the issues raised above through new methodological approaches, including value chain approach with focus on quantitative analysis, models of industrial organization and models of operational research applied on data collected from field surveys. The mechanisms of coordination and management of professional organizations will be analyzed as well to assess their capacity to promote the emergence of dynamic valuable supply of local products along with fair distribution of value throughout the selected supply chains in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

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