An International training course for PhD students and young researchers

Integrated impact assessment and designing of Mediterranean agricultural systems in Dry Regions.

CREAD- Algiers, Algeria
27-29 October, 2019.
This international training course follows several doctoral programs organised within SemiArid (ERANET ArimNet, 2017-2020) project, SEAMLESS project (FP6, 2005-2010), the global FSD network (Farming System Design), and then more recently as part of the SemiArid project1, which have trained more than a hundred international doctoral students. These courses aimed to prepare young scientists for the analysis and assessment, based on several case studies,of the sustainability of farming systems thanks to integrated approaches. In itsapplications it will emphasize the role of diversities (intra-field, intra-farm and across-farms) in the efficiency and sustainability/resilience of agricultural systems.It therefore falls within several national and international priorities programme of most dryland countries: «Feeding» and «Protecting».