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Bouzareah 16011, Algiers, Algeria.
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  • Researcher (PhD) – Since April 2012
  • Expert at the National Committee for Population (Algeria) – Since March 2018.
  • Centre for Research in Applied Economics for Development (CREAD),
    PB. 197, Street Djamal-Eddine El-Afghani, Rostomia, Bouzareah 16011, Algiers, Algeria.
    Division: Human Development and Social Economics.
    Team: Actuarial Demography Team (Team Leader).



  • Participation at “Rostock Retreat” organized by “the Max Plank Institute for Demographic Research MPIDR”, June 2017, Rostock (Germany).
  • Participation at UNIS Actuarial School, University of Salerno, Italy, 22-25 October 2016.
  • January – June 2015: Invited researcher at ISFA (Institut de sciences financieres et d’assurance- Lyon) Laboratory ‘Sciences Actuarialle et Financiere’.
  • October 2013: Participation at the regional training workshop of ISESCO (Rabat- Morocco): « Visualization and analysis of online surveys data »
  • January-June 2009: Practicum at the LIFE division of the National Insurance Company (Algeria): Management of the annuitant’s portfolios.
  • January-June 2006: Practicum at the National Insurance Company (Algeria): Car insurance Branch.


  • Mortality modelling : direct and direct estimation methods, Model life tables, Mortality curves graduation, Interpolation techniques, Old-ages mortality, Mortality forecasting, Longevity .
  • Life annuities & Pension Benefits: Retirement system sustainability, Premiums and reserving.
  • Population Projections
  • Statistics & Data Analysis.
  • Financial Mathematics.


  • Life expectancy improvement in Algeria
  • Construction of dynamic life tables for the Algerian Life-annuities market
  • Algerian Mortality data quality
  • Life tables for the retired population
  • Retirement Systems Sustainability
  • Longevity & Health


  • Population Projections with R – including dynamic presentations (Tutorial) at UNISA Actuarial School, September 2018, Salerno, ITALY.
  • Risk modelling in Life Insurance, Ecole Supérieure de Sécurité Sociale ESSS, Algiers, Algeria, 2017-2018.
  • Data Analysis with XLStat (Tourism Ministry statisticians’ staff). 2014
  • Financial Mathematics (IAHEF: insurances companies employees). 2011-2016.
  • Demographic Analysis (ENSSAE). 2009-2013.
  • Micro-economics of insurance (ENSSAE). 2009-2013.
  • Introduction to Statistics and probability (CACI). 2009-2013.




September 2015- September 2016

  • FLICI, F. 2016. “Mortality projection for the Algerian population by 2030”. In collaboration with the National Committee for population in the framework of the “population projection project” conducted by the Algerian Health Ministry.

January 2015 – June 2016

  • FLICI, F. and HAMMOUDA, NE. 2016. “Mortality Analysis for the Algerian population throughout the Multi-Indicators Clustery Survey MICS-IV”. For the Algerian Health Ministry and the UN Funds for Population Activities UNFPA.

May 2014 – December 2015

  • « Evaluation of the consistency and efficiency of the Social protection programs in Algeria”. For Algerian prim ministry. Directed by UNICEF – Algeria and assisted by Oxford Policy Management. Missions : Collecting Quantitative and Qualitative Data : Finance ministry, Interior Ministry. Social Expenditure analysis. Institutional coordination


Ongoing :

  • “The future of longevity and Health in Algeria”, PhD thesis (ENSSAE).
  • “How poverty affects longevity and Health in Algeria? “, PhD thesis (ENSSAE).

2016-2017 :

  • “Espérance de vie sans maladie chronique en Algérie Etude de Cas : Caisse Nationale des Assurances sociales C.N.A.S”, High School of Social Security (ESSS), Algiers, Algeria.
  • “Les limites d’une reforme paramétrique du système algérien de retraite face au vieillissement“, Master thesis (ESSS).

2016-2017 :

  • “Modelling survivor’s Benefits in the Algerian pension plan”, PhD thesis (ENSSAE).
  • “Disability Benefits in the Algerian Social Security System”, PhD thesis (ENSSAE).

2015-2016 :

  • “Prospective experience life-tables for the Algerian retired population”, Master thesis, High School of Social Security (ESSS), Algiers, Algeria.
  • “Static life tables for social security in Algeria”, Master thesis (ESSS), Algiers, Algeria.

2013-2014 :

  • “Construction of disability tables for the building sector in Algeria « . Master thesis in Finance and Actuarial sciences (ENSSEA).

2012-2013 :

  • « The use of life tables for insurance for Bank credit Insurance », Master thesis in Finance and Actuarial sciences (ENSSEA).

2011-2012 :

  • “The impact of the actualizing and specifying life tables on life annuities reserving : the case of Algeria  » – Master thesis in Finance and Actuarial sciences (ENSSEA).
  • « Continuous time approach for life annuities reserving ». Master thesis in Finance and Actuarial sciences (ENSSEA).


  • Member-expert in the National Committee for Population (Algeria).
  • Member of the Technical Committee of the “Multi Indicators Clustery Survey MICS -Wave VI (2018)” by UNICEF and National Health Ministry.
  • Member of the “Mortality Working Group MWG” of the “International Association of Actuaries IAA”. Since 2016
  • Former board member at CREAD from 2014 to 2018.
  • Creating and leading the “Actuarial Demography Team” at CREAD in January 2018. (The Actuarial Demography Team webpage).
  •  Initiating and organizing a periodic workshop on actuarial sciences (Life) in Algeria starting from January 2016: “Journée d’Actuariat-Vie Algérie (JAVA)”. JAVA1: 27/01/2016, JAVA2: 14/03/2016, JAVA3: 07/12/2016, JAVA4: 25/05/2017, JAVA5: 26/10/2017, JAVA6: 27/06/2018 , JAVA7 : 28/11/2018.
  • Managing a Discussion Group on LinkedIn: “Actuaires Algérie” and on facebook “Algerian Actuaries”.


  • Teaching qualifications
  • Language qualifications : Kabyle, Arabic, French and English.
  • Statistical packages: Microsoft EXCEL, Solver, XLSTAT, SEGMENTER, R .


  • Football, Domino, Literature, Poetry


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